Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sugarloaf Marathon...sure why not??


Above you will find the link to the marathon that I am training for in this treacherous weather. Up until this
point I have only thought of Sugarloaf as a great little place to go enjoy the fresh powder and get some ski runs in or hope that you will not be blown off the rickety ski lifts as you travel up the mountain. Never in a million years did I think they actually had a marathon among other activities there. So why did I pick Sugarloaf?? Well, when I was researching marathons I had a few things to consider; 1. I was unable to wait until the summer to run a race or the next fall due to other races already booked 2. I was craving a serious training schedule that had been lacking or I was tired of running for fun 3. I wanted to be training amongst THOUSANDS of others that are training for Boston (where I hope to be next April) So with those options Sugarloaf was it!! Among one of the fastest courses in the nation I thought ABSOLUTELY!! Of course it helps that I love Maine and most of the scenery is pretty damn close to perfect, it was a great fit. So here I go with thousands of others that are pretty much swearing at the snow now and hoping for a cleared sidewalk because that treadmill is getting very old, hopefully everyone has some great music or your gym has a nice little tv to watch some trashy shows like Dash (Kim and Kourtney Kardashians show). I am not one for reality tv especially to this dramatic degree but hey, it makes the time go by that is for sure!

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