Sunday, January 30, 2011

The neverending question...Why do you do this to your body??

Why people choose to run marathons is still beyond is crazy at times to think that I actually voluntarily chose to put myself in this situation but the reality is...I love it, we all love it. Anyone who runs multiple marathons has a passion for adrenaline, mental and physical endurance and to be honest a slight degree of pain... The truth is there is true release and there can be so much beauty you are able to see when you are a runner. Running enables you to go anywhere, and when I say anywhere I mean it. I have been anywhere from the streets of NYC to the mountains of Western Canada or just right out my back door in Watertown,MA.     Running provides you a  feeling that nothing can replace, no matter how hard you try. Anyways enough about the beauty of running, it is not so enjoyable in the dead of winter, this is when the importance of the right product comes into play!

Last night I headed out my front door in watertown for a lovely 25 degree 13 mile run at 4pm. My thoughts going into it were that it was not 12 degrees it was a lot warmer and that the sidewalks had to be cleared of snow by now... I thought wrong.
So, I dressed myself from head to to in lululemon. Head = Run Brisk Earwarmer, Bra = all sport bra, Base layer = Run swiftly LS, Jacket = Run Hustle Jacket (reflectivity was a MUST HAVE) Legs = Run Inspire tight and then I headed out to the mean winter streets. About 3 miles in a thanked myself under my breath for my choice in outfit attire not only because I looked freaking cute running around like a crazy person but because it was REALLY COLD AND WET.. snow covered sidewalks still which made for a very very difficult trek. 1 mile felt like 3. An hour and 45 minutes later, 13 miles was done and I was pooped... and product was dry within 5 minutes, unreal no cold sweaty body! Now that it's out of the way I was able to enjoy some hard xtraining by climbing up a 5,000 foot mountain in the snow, once again covered in wunder under pants, swiftly tech LS as my base layers...product does a body good. Now time for some R & R to prepare for a training week ahead, bring it on Marathon!!!!!!

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  1. You are a true warrior running in this frigid cold!